Viber for Windows

Viber, one the most downloaded app in Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store is now available to download for Windows PC and Mac. Viber lets you make free calls and free messages via the Internet. Support for video call has now been added to the PC version of the software.

If you’ve previously been using Viber on your Mobile Device you can add the same details and login to Viber. It would automatically sync the contacts from your account. Once done, you can make free video calls, messages to your contacts.

Viber for Windows

If you install and start Viber, you will see that the left menu has the ability to show you contacts, conversations, history and a Viber Dialer. You can look through all your contacts and start a conversation with any of them. You can easily send messages, videos or simply start a video call or voice call.

The ‘Recent’ feature displays all the contact history, or if we simply say, a log which tells about all your recent activity done with Viber.

If we talk about the call quality, I will rate it 4.5/5.0 as some times the audio takes seconds to reach the other person – but anyhow this is acceptable sometimes, I suppose.

You can even choose to start Viber at system startup so that you never miss any of the call or message. Message history is automatically saved while exiting the app, but you can even disable this feature to stop automatic saving of history.

If you receive a message, photo or a video form any of your Viber contacts, a tray notification is displayed on-screen. Tray notification are useful though it can be turned off from the program itself. You can easily configure input and output devices, you can even adjust levels of input and output.

If we compare Viber with the most popular similar service, ‘Skype’, Viber may have comparatively fewer features, but as it is still in beta, one may expect more new and exciting features. On slow internet speeds, the call quality is reasonably good and tolerable.

Click here to download Viber.

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