Viber For Windows 10 now available for download

After being in Beta version for more than a month, the full version Viber is now ready to roll on Windows 10 for public. Microsoft has finally announced the free download of Viber App for all Widows 10 devices. Viber for Windows 10 comes with a great range of new features including, quick reply options, Cortana support and video calls for mobile. Cortana support, however, will be available only for selected regions.

Viber for Windows 10

Viber, the free messaging and internet calling app lets you make HD-quality video calls over your WiFi as well as mobile networks. The app also lets you create groups and share your pictures, videos and voice messages with 200 people at a time.

Quick Reply feature opens up every new message in a pop-up window where you can post the reply quickly without actually opening the app. Your very own virtual digital assistant Cortana can now assist you in making calls, and sending text messages, to any of your contacts. The new Viber for Windows 10 also lets you share the images, videos, texts, links as well as you locations with your friends.

Once downloaded and installed, there is a Live Tile of Viber on Windows 10 and you can access Viber chat right from the Start menu of your Windows 10 PC. It now supports two new languages Portuguese and Russian.

Download the new feature packed Viber for Windows 10 from Windows Store and connect with the world for free.

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