Viber for BlackBerry is here!

Viber is not only a VoIP calling app, but it also adds enrichment by having cross platforming messaging capabilities like texting, location sharing and sending images. You can now install Viber directly to your BlackBerry.

What does Viber do? Unfortunately its still in beta so it can’t make calls yet, however, it still makes a great app with a rich UI and I thought I should share my first experience with you.

Setting it up! The first screen I saw upon installation was a permission request screen asking to scan through my phonebook, which I accepted assuming it was checking for other contacts also using Viber. The next screen was the country code and phone number setup which is now a familiar routine for most cross platform messaging apps.

Its validation process sends a text to your BlackBerry with an access code that automatically activates Viber when you open the text message.

Viber lets you know if your contact installs it too! The moment my Viber was activated I instantly got a message from my friend telling me Viber had notified her that I had joined the network.

Location and Image Sharing Added to that Viber lets you attach your location to your chats and you can share images aswell!

Settings and Sharing Options Opening the More menu sends you to a screen that gives you access to information about the app, Viber’s privacy policy, an option to deactivate your account;

General App settings

Sharing the app on Facebook, Twitter or inviting your phonebook/email contacts;

Download the Viber app and tell us what you think in our BBE Forums.

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