Viber Data Usage

For anyone who is familiar with the Instant Messaging software Viber, some would probably wondering on the Viber Data Usage. The amount of data usage depends on the bandwidth rate during a Viber call is made. Based on Viber website, the data usage is approximately around 240 KB per minute up and down and that leads to 14 MB per hour up and down. So why this information on Viber Data Usage is important? From this information, the users will know what data plan package they can subscribe with their network operator. The type of data plan package depends on your network operator where there are the normal pay as you use data package and also the unlimited data plan package. For people who use Instant Messaging software such as Viber a lot, it is advisable that you subscribe to the unlimited data plan package. This is due to the fact that a Viber Data Usage is 240 KB per minute. So, a call using Viber can extend from a few seconds and can range up to hours if you are having fun in conversing with your friends. For people who are not familiar with Viber, Viber is basically an Instant Messaging software that allows you to make free phone calls and also free text messages to other Viber users. The Viber application can be used via Wi-Fi or also 3G. So, the only cost that you need to pay is your internet subscription or your data plan package. However, if you use a free public Wi-Fi to connect, the cost of using Viber is almost zero. So, if you are on data plan package, please be aware of the Viber data usage per minute as mentioned above and have fun communicating with your friends with this great app.

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