Viber Calls and Messages Monitoring

This article is focused on the process of monitoring messages and calls in Viber. This is a popular platform for sending/receiving messages, making calls on mobile phones and tablets. I think that this information will be useful.

A Few Words About Viber


Nearly all adults and even teenagers have heard about Viber platform! To be frank, the developers release more and more new programs for chatting these days and it is getting hard to follow all them. Well, Viber is a type of software application that users can install on their devices, for example computer, laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or iPad for sending messages or making calls. The device should be connected to the internet. Basically, it implies that people may use this program for free, without paying standard tariffs for voice calls and text messages. However, there is one nuance. Both the sender and receiver should have this application installed. The program downloading is offered for free as well. Recently, children used to send the text messages or make calls through Viber often. Apart from Viber, people can use many other applications, but this one is the most successful.

Why Viber Monitoring Is Important

A plenty of information about various spy software applications is presented at this site. As a rule, any good spy application will cope with monitoring tasks such as controlling voice calls and text messages. I made a chart where I outline and compare all features of the top spy applications. A lot of people choose Viber as a main platform for communication, but it is getting problematic to monitor all the correspondence and log calls with the spy software applications. When a person uses Viber for sending/ receiving text messages and calling, the spy program can not track it, because it is hidden. Still, there is a chance to monitor Viber. Developers of the best spy software applications have been working to remove this drawback and now Viber monitoring became possible. However, there are some secrets to know and I’m going to tell about it right now.

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Viber Monitoring Application

Currently, there are two programs that I can advise you – mSpy and Flexispy. MobileSpy has not support Viber yet. iPhone Jailbreak and Rooted Android are the basic requirements for monitoring Viber. Also, this feature is included in advanced packages mainly.

What Information You Can Monitor

• Call logs monitoring. You will get information about the phone numbers and call duration. • Information from all received/sent messages through Viber. • Dates, numbers and time for calls/text messages. However, it is impossible to record the calls now, but the developers are working on it. When this functions is achieved, it will be one more step towards full monitoring.

Which Applications Is the Best?


From my personal experience I can say that both applications – Mspy and Flexispy Extreme are good. FlexiSpy is the first application that offered this feature, so possibly they had more time to test it and remove all problems. I don’t think that the ability to monitor Viber is the main criteria for you when buying the spy software. It is very likely that you will need other good features in addition to monitoring Viber calls/messages. I made the detailed overview of spy programs and you can find the guide on this site. Also I advise to compare the price range and the available features when choosing the program. To sum it up, I’ll say that both FlexiSpy and FlexiSpy monitor Viber well. Monitor Viber and get all information that you need. I suggest you to read other posts, that might be useful for you:

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Good Luck!

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