Viber app for the Tablet

Today Viber is called as analogue of popular programm Skype – a program for making free calls. Of course, both programs allow you to send free messages to users, and even make calls and video calls, but Viber for Android tablets has benefits to which Skype is not able to withstand.

viber for tablet 1

The main benefit of Viber is the ability to synchronize all of the user’s devices on which the application is installed. So you have the opportunity to view the history of calls and messages from any device on which you have Viber account.

The convenience of using Viberon tablet also surpassed Skype

The application interface is designed in such a way that even the most experienced users can easily learn it. Intuitive menus, ease of execution of each function maximized. Of course, in the functional mode of group chats and calls, Viber has bypassed Skype. In the group communication within the applications can be operated up to 100 participants, and their number will not affect the quality of the connection.


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