Viber APK for Android Free Download (Latest Version)

Viber is another messaging app which is available for cross platforms and also for the PC. Yes, it is the only messaging app which is also available officially for PC users (both Windows and Mac). But in case if you want to download Viber APK for Android

then you’re at the right place as I’m going to share direct download link for the Viber latest version.

Viber has got millions of users around the world due to two of its features. First feature is that it is available officially for PC users and second is that it supports many languages around the world. Both these features have helped it to get increasing number of users and users are also happy while using Viber as the default messaging app.

Click here to download directly from Google Play to your Smartphone

Download Viber APK for Android Free

There are certain numbers of users who have uninstalled Skype from their PC as now they are using Viber app. It has certainly got better user interface than the Skype and I’ve personally installed Viber on my Windows PC.

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Features of Viber APK for Android

Although Viber is available officially for Android smartphones and tablets at Google play store for free but still there are certain users who don’t want to download it from Google play store. Alternatively they want to download Viber APK for Android and use that installation package file to install the app on any of their compatible Android device.

Downloading Viber APK has got certain benefits. First benefit is that you can use it to install this app easily on any Android devices and the second feature is that you can share the app with your multiple devices or with your friends. You can even download Viber APK on your PC and then use that file to install the app on any of your Android device.

Viber app provides one unique feature which is still not available with any other messaging app. While you’re making free call using your PC or any other smartphone then you can transfer the ongoing call without dropping to any other device.

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It allows users to make free voice and video calls just like Skype. The app doesn’t ask for any money from any user for this feature and voice and video calls are free just like text messages. Yes, users can also send unlimited number of free messages to any user who is using Viber app on any of his/her device or PC.

The quality of voice and video calls provided by the Viber app is of high definition quality and this clearly makes a huge difference as we all care for quality while making a video call.

Viber APK for Android Free Download (Latest Version)

Viber APK Android Free Download (Latest Version)

The app also provides push notifications on smartphones and tablets and active notifications on PC. This feature helps users so that they never miss any notification or messages from any of their friends.

The app also allows users to share stickers and funny emoticons with their friend and this particular feature makes a conversation funnier than before.

You can download the latest version of Viber APK for Android for free from the direct download link mentioned above

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