Viber and Windows 10

Viber has now enabled the release of a new Universal Windows Platform app that should be available for users from the Microsoft Store. Although there is already a desktop app that was meant for Windows, it was just not responding pretty well to the high-DPI display. Moreover, it wasn’t a touch-friendly type of app.

  • Basically, the app will allow users to send and receive messages and it should make high-definition audio and video calls via mobile network and Wi-Fi connection.
  • It can also share images, voice messages, links, videos, and stickers to the other end of your conversation.
  • This new version of Viber has also been rewritten from the bottom to the top. This means that it has been re-designed for the purpose of giving users the type of experience they have been missing from the start.
  • Aside from that, it provides access to Public chats, People app integration, and End-to-end encryption.
  • Viber app for Windows 10 also includes group support for messages with up to 200 users altogether.
  • Likewise, it will allow users to delete messages that they have sent if in case they have messed with their previous message.
  • Just as the mobile app version, the Windows 10 version will allow you to get chat information as well as contact details of the person you are talking to. Moreover, there is a padlock icon that indicates your safety.
  • It is also a very responsive app for Windows 10 version users. This only means that it can automatically adapt to just about any screen, be it your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

You can have these new features if you update your Viber app on your Windows 10 device to its latest version.

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