Viber and WhatsApp to Introduce Paid Services for Calls and Messages

Viber and WhatsApp are two apps that are loggerheads when it comes to the world of instant messaging as well as local and international voice calling services.

WhatsApp has more than 800 million users from all over the world; however, over 70 million people from this group are based in India. This is a huge market for WhatsApp and sadly enough, it is where the app is facing some tough times.

Just recently, a credit rating firm released a statement stating that over the top players such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber may have to come out with a variety of VoIP packages that will be charged to their customers. This will call for a need for these apps to come up with a different model that separates their messaging and VoIP services.

Last month, a net neutrality panel asked for the regulation of WhatsApp, Skype and Viber calls, but only for domestic calls. What this means is that telecom service providers in this country will now have a fair chance to compete against these messaging and VoIP apps.

WhatsApp and Viber are compatible with most devices

On Viber’s side, this app offers some of the best features of a messaging app. Users of the app have long been making voice calls using the app. The quality of calls is amazing and the interface it offers is very easy. In addition to voice calls, users can enjoy video calls as well as keep on touch with non-users of the app via the ViberOut feature.

There is no doubt that these messaging apps have their pros and cons as well. However, there are lots of benefits for those who want to make calls. In case you want a free option for calling and messaging, you can always check out Facebook Messenger, WeChat or even Google Hangouts.

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