Viber 5.6 Expands Maximum Character Limit, Adds Group Message Likes And Public Chats On Tablets

We don’t mention Viber quite as often as WhatsApp around these corners, but the app sure has its own legions of fans and dedicated users thanks to continuous updates and interesting features being sprinkled in all the time. Take this last version 5.6 for example. It may not seem like a huge leap on paper, but it does bring feature parity between phones and tablets, and between individual conversations and group messages.

A new heart appears next to each message in group chats, so you can like what others are saying (as in the screenshot at the top of this article). Messages’ maximum length has been expanded to 7,000 characters for those who want to talk uninterruptedly — it’s almost long enough to fit one of David’s reviews, ha! And Viber’s Public Chats, which were previously only available on phones, are now accessible in the app’s tablet version too.

Here’s the full changelog with a link to download the app from the Play Store below. You can grab it on APK Mirror too if you prefer that method.


• Group Likes – ‘like’ messages in group chats and see who’s loving your vibe • Forward Public Chat messages – share content with your friends more easily • Write freely – text messages can now be up to 7,000 characters long • Better video messaging – new features improve the experience • Public Chats – now available on Android tablets

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