Recently, my Mom got a smartphone. The one which can run ‘Viber’. Dad must have taught her how to make a Viber call, that’s why every day I find ‘missed calls’ being piled up in my Viber call log. Maybe she found it’s kind of fun using Viber rather than the phone which costs as well. She doesn’t even care if I’m online or not, she just keeps dialing. The only drawback of using Viber call is that the ring goes even if the other party is offline. I see all those missed calls notifications. But, I rarely give a callback. She doesn’t stop dialing from her side. I pick up whenever the time is feasible. We talk like once in two days.  

The last night, the same thing happened. Being irritated with the frequent calls, I started thinking “what on earth is there to talk about so regularly? Why does she have to call every time?” After pondering for a while, I got few of the answers:

  • While the use of landline phones and Skype are coming almost to the end and fiber/Facebook calls are used more than even the mobile phones, the generation of our parents can only feel the heat of the growing technology. Now, having a smartphone in their hand and making Viber calls is the best possible way to taste the modern technology for them. So, why not talk to them even if there’s nothing to talk about?  
  • We, the millennial kids are lucky to have the social networking things in our adulthood. We have friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter/Instagram, connections in Linkedin and contacts in Viber/WhatsApp. We can talk whenever we want to any of them; when we feel bad or good or anything. But, see our parents, do they have any? Ok! They have friends for sure but do they have any social networking accounts that let them talk to their friends whenever they want? No. All they have is us. When they are free or felt like needing someone to talk, they think about us. So, why not talk to them whenever they want? 
  • Our generation is so obsessed with the so-called ‘EGO or Self Respect’. Some of the precious relationships get shattered because of this. But, when I see our parents, I see someone who loves us unconditionally with no EGO in between. We rarely give a callback, we never pick up the first call, we don’t talk long, we have a shallow conversation; these things never stop them from calling us frequently. We must seriously learn how to dump our EGO from them. So, why not pick up their every call and talk?
  • Parent’s love is undoubtedly unconditional, unlimited, unrestricted and immense. One more feature I’d like to add though it might be offensive. And that is the stubborn love for sure. Sometimes we become busy in work or we feel so stressed or we come up with something that cannot be shared with parents; we cannot afford the time or talk to them in such conditions. But, they don’t understand, they don’t want to either. They have these static things in their mind; we should pick up every call anytime they do, we should give a call back whenever we are free and we should share everything that’s going on in our lives with them. I’d say it a stubborn love. But then, it still is adorable. So, why not accept their rigid love and give them a call back when we are free? 

I admit it that we, young people who are away from home are busy working and paving a way towards a brighter future. I am also the same kind. This so-called busyness might be taking us closer to our dreams but on the other hand, it is creating distance with our parents. Don’t let this happen. You’ve got to separate your precious time to talk to your parents as well. Those who are away from home, make time to ring them and those who are at home itself, make time to sit on the same couch or maybe the dining table and talk. Because talking with them might be a waste of time for you but at the same time, it’s the one thing your parents want the most.



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