Top 8 VoIP Phone Apps For Business

  With everyone connecting through their favorite communication device, using text, email, Facebook and a multitude of others, sometimes it is easy to forget that you can actually talk to other people using these methods. In business it is important to be able to keep in contact. There are many good VoIP apps to help keep business flowing. For more information on VoIP download our FREE EBOOK: Everything You Need To Know About Hosted PBX.

8 popular VoIP apps for business…

VoIP App For Business #1: Viber

This is a popular VoIP service since it does not require the creation of an account, you don’t need a username and they don’t ask for a credit card. For free calling the recipient of the call needs to have a Viber account also. You will only use your Viber minutes if you call someone that doesn’t have Viber. This is an ad free app and you can use it to call anywhere in the world as long as the recipient has Viber.

VoIP App For Business #2: Beejive

This app has many useful tools available for use. It supports VoIP calls with multiple chat clients. The iPhone app has a transparent overlay of text which allows you to continue seeing your conversation and keep track of any messages. There is also a push notification that will last for a full seven days.

VoIP App For Business #3: Nimbuzz

This is an all-inclusive app. You can have several chat clients supported as well as the VoIP choices. There is the option of file sharing, free calling, and even messaging from VoIP phone to a smart phone, desktop or browser. There is also the option of importing all of your contacts from Windows Live, Google Talk, Facebook and Yahoo.

VoIP App For Business #4: Fring

This is a lot like Skype, but you get charged a very low per minute rate instead of the unlimited rates of Skype. You also have the option of using SIP. This allows you to modify, initiate or even terminate a session with two or multiple parties.

VoIP App For Business #5: Truphone

This app gives you the option of a pay as you go or to go with unlimited plan. If your business involves many international calls from the US, then the unlimited would be a good choice. This includes 35 countries at no charge. Also includes low cost text, free voicemail and free IM.

VoIP App For Business #6: The Line 2

You get unlimited SMS and a second number gets added to your iPhone. This is excellent for having a dedicated number just for work. You get a 30 day free trial and you can cancel anytime without getting any penalties.

VoIP App For Business #7: Speakeasy

This app allows you to share your long distance minutes with other people. You can ring multiple numbers and have extension dialing.

VoIP App For Business #8: JaJah

This app is simple to download and you get access to easily integrated services. You can make calls to JaJah and Facebook for free. Others are billed at a low rate.


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