The Most Popular Android Messaging Apps, By Country

Apps by Country

Data Analytics firm SimilarWeb just released a report on the most popular Android messaging apps around the world. The visualizations make this report especially great; you can clearly see from the image here that Facebook Messenger is the dominant platform in North America, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular app overall.

It’s interesting to see that Telegram—a popular iOS app known for its end-to-end-encryption—has for Android only really found favour in Iran and Uzbekistan. And BlackBerry Messenger? Well, Indonesians still love their BBM, no matter what platform its on…

Here’s a pie chart showing worldwide market share of the most popular apps:

Apps by Market Share

The breakdown by country is as follows:

WhatsApp – most popular in 109 countries Facebook Messenger – 49 countries Viber – 15 countries Line – 4 countries WeChat – 3 countries Telegram – 2 countries The Rest – 1 country each

Of course, none of this matters if your current messaging app connects you to the important people in your life. But if, say, you really like using Telegram, maybe you need to friend more Uzbekistanis…?

Source: SimilarWeb via CNET

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