Talkatone Free Calling App Attracts Traffic with iPhone Users

Like Viber, WhatsApp and Skype, Talkatone is also getting popularity in the online platform.

This newly developed app Talkatone provides free voice calling service to its users. Presently creating ripples in the app store with its improved features and surplus services, the app has been garnering a lot of recognition for its functionality among users. The best part of this app is it does not use your Google Voice minutes and borrows only your Google Voice number.

In today’s age, Apple and iPhones have made things easier for folks. Their improved technology has not only taken competition to a whole new level but also make it cheaper for users. The progress can be observed in terms of the flow of voice calling applications on the Android market. Besides these, Viber and Skype also stand out in the market. However, we are now living in the world where it is not impossible to give competition to these popular apps, and this thing has been proved by Talkatone.

Make free calls to any device with Talkatone

Traditional voice calling apps like Skype and Viber require signing in from the user’s end and after that create accounts through which users can connect to others. This major backlog has made it easy for folks to move from traditional apps to becoming loyal users of Talkatone.

This is like a dream come true for iPhone users! Talkatone runs on Google’s free chat and mail service. It actually acts as an intermediary. It gives users the impression that they are making calls using Gmail, but actually, they are making calls by using their iPhone’s internet connection.

Linking Talkatone to Facebook and Google account

How to use Talkatone on iPhones

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