Stop and Fix Error in Windows System

Are you finding a way online to stop and fix viber.exe error on your computer? Already known what cause this problem or still have no idea about it? You can get more information about it from the following content and learn a right way to figure it out.

What’s viber.exe Error?

File with EXE extension is an executable file that used to run your associated applications on your computer system, it also contains some other resources like the Windows related icons, but maps and do on. When the .exe file encounters an error on your computer, you may receive a notification like “viber.exe cannot be opened” or “the file encounter an error”, and cause the associated programs cannot be launched and operated as usual.

General causes and symptoms of the error issues

It is impractical for identifying and making clear about what exactly cause the problem right now, because different people have different using environments on their computers, and we don’t know what they did or installed any suspicious files on PC. According to many people’s experiences of getting the error issue, we find some common reasons and causes of it, which will be useful for you to fix the error on the computer:

  • Associated program contains some bugs and need to be fixed or upgraded
  • Program you newly installed is not installed completely
  • Program conflict issue: you are installing or running multiple programs which are incompatible with one another
  • Rogueware and virus are attacking the computer system
  • System registry entries encounter some error issues

Already made clear about the problem on your computer, it’s time to fix viber.exe with the following resolutions.

Stop and fix viber.exe error issue right now

1. Update the associated program to the newest version

If the associated file just belonging to a particular program on your computer and you haven’t been updated for a long time, please stop the program running on your computer firstly, and to to download and install the newest version of the program to replace the previous one. If you are still able to launch the program on your computer, you can find out the update button on the software, and follow the instruction to update the application to the newest version. Please remember to restart your computer after the installation.

If it is not the cause of the error issue, or you cannot install the update smoothly to replace the current program on your PC, please try the following methods to fix the error well.

2. Reinstall the process

If the viber.exe is an important executable file for you, you can choose to reinstall the associated program on your PC, it is possible that the program has been corrupted or losing some core data inside. Please note that in order to reinstall the program smoothly so that to fix it, you should clean out the current application thoroughly on the PC.

  • Launch a professional PC uninstall tool on the computer
  • Highlight related program on the list, and click on the scan button
  • And then the program will be analyzed and all of related files are listed on the uninstaller
  • Click on the Remove/Uninstall button to completely remove it on your PC
  • Restart your computer, and download a brand-new install package of the program from a reliable online resource, and choose to install it

3. Install available updates for the related device drivers on computer

In the daily use of computer, people barely pay attention to the device driver and also do not update or optimize it regularly. However, this is an important factor for the effective operations of associated processes on the computer. To fix the error, you should find out the specific driver which used to support the viber.exe on your PC, and go to install available updates for the driver.

  • There are usually two ways enable you to update the device driver:
  • Install it manually via Windows system update
  • Apply a driver optimized tool to check for available updates and install them automatically

4. Scan and remove infected viruses

Infections like computer viruses, rogueware, worms, and trojan horses are really harmful for the computer system, and that kind of error can be caused by these infections for the associated files or registries being modified and compromised. In additional to the spaecific problem, you will also encounter a large number of strange problems and issues on the PC, such as file name being change, program being removed or disabled without your knowing and permission. Therefore, it must be a hot issue if you suspect that the computer has been infected by malicious viruses and threats. And you should invite an outstanding antivirus program to detect and remove these infections as quickly as possible.

After removing the infections on your computer, the viber.exe may be still corrupted and cannot be performed smoothly as usual, in this case, you should install a new one to troubleshoot the issue on your computer, and you will be able to fix it error as well.

5. Run professional fix tool to fix viber.exe error

Registry issue is a very common cause for such an error as well as many other EXE error issues on the computer, this is because the registries in Windows system are very easy to be modified, removed or disabled for the improper operation, but it would be a big challenge if you want to fix them on your PC in order to resolve viber.exe error. System Registry is an advanced database on the computer that closely related to many functions and performance on the machine, repairing them is not as easy as recovering the problematic file with a new one, you should known which file is the cause and how can recover it on the original location.

Therefore, it is not suggested for a common computer user to manually fix and modify the registry inside, instead, a pro registry fix tool will be much better and safer to take good care of the system database and resolve the registry problems inside. Once these registry issues being fixed well by the advanced tool, you will be able to stop and fix viber.exe error on your computer.

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