video & calling apps not working properly with XPERIA Z phone

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‎04-25-2014 12:03 PM edited {1}

bought a new Sony Xperia Z almost a month ago. Haven’t really explored it yet due to hectic schedule. Just noticed it few days ago that im getting trouble using third-party apps. at first i was using viber for chatting with no problem, then when i tried calling all the buttons stops working. the only way i could stop the call is if the other line hangs up on me. Its almost the same case when im using skype. during a video call the screen turns black and i can’t see a thing. however, no audio problems and the other line says he can see me. Then with the facebook calling, when i try to call somebody the screen also turns total black, even the volume or power buttons stops responding but no audio problems. I tried the factory reset with the phone and also did the PC Companion, but doesnt make any difference. Im getting frustrated. please help, i would really appreciate it! 

Solved! Go to Solution

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