Skype Port and Proxy Server

Skype has become not just a personal instant messaging software nowadays but also have increasingly become an important office tool. Skype has now been use by many working professional as a way of video conferencing and networking tool. If you want to communicate via Skype or even setting up a teleconference using Skype, it is important also to know in which port you can configure to allow the incoming connections. In order for Skype connection to run smoothly, Skype requires an unrestricted outgoing TCP access. The recommended destination ports should be above 1024. If this port is unavailable, the incoming connections can also come to Port 80 and 443. You can configure this and select this port from the Skype setting. In Skype, just choose the Tools and then pick options. After choosing options, click on the Advanced and choose Connection. There you can type in the recommended port for Skype to receive incoming calls or video connections. However, if your computer is under a firewall, you will need to check if the firewall settings restricting these available ports. However, if you just install the Skype application, normally Skype will automatically choose a random port above 1024. So, you need to manually configure the port if you wish to have the incoming connections from a specific skype port. And if you want to connect Skype through a proxy server, you can also configure your Skype to do just that. Normally Skype will automatically detect your proxy settings. However, you can manually configure the proxy server setting by going to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection. Similar as choosing the port number, you can also type in the Host and Port details of the proxy server. Make sure you know the username and password of the proxy server.

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