Skype or Viber for Android

Skype or Viber for Android: Which one is better?

These two apps will help you communicate with your friends without paying your company.

Download them for free from Google Play, install them and add your contacts.

To better work with your phone, tell your friends to install them too.

If two users have the same app installed, they can IM and make calls without charges.

The only think you need to care about is fast and stable internet.

If you have a Wi-Fi network on your home or at a cafe, you can use Viber or Skype to call friends, send messages or even video chat with the front camera of your phone.

Skype and Viber are 2 of the most popular apps on Google Play right now.

But which one to download?

We tested them both and answering.

Generally both are good so you must use the one that your friends mostly use.

I trust Skype but I love Viber as it is more fun and makes my life easier as more friends are there.

Skype is more professional and Viber more fun.

Below you can find the reasons to download Viber or Skype.

Viber (free download) is better because it: – will automatically import your contacts from your phone – is free, but only if you are willing to register your real phone number – gives better integration to your phone – stays connected and allows incoming calls without already having the app open – has great sound quality

Skype (free download) is better because it: – has killer video chat calling feature – let’s you use it even without your real phone number, just with your email – has millions of users (and lot’s of your friends – is the replacement of Windows Live Messenger (for IM messages) – is free for making calls to other Skype members – is cheaper per minute for calling phone numbers worldwide than carrier long-distance charges – is available to all phones, desktops, tablets, laptops etc – belongs to Microsoft

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