‘Shameless’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

Last week, Fiona married her boyfriend of two weeks, Lip bonded with Amanda’s family in Miami, Frank went on a Hangover-esque goose chase to find out what he did with his large amount of insurance money, Carl is now a drug dealer, and Debbie joined a boxing gym.


After getting kicked out of the Gallagher house, he hatches a plan to live at his deceased organ donor’s parents’ house (who we met this season in “I’m the Liver”). Frank’s ridiculous plan works and David’s (the organ donor) father is overzealous about pretending that Frank is his dead son. David’s mother, Laura, initially believes that her husband is insane and wants Frank out. Later that night, however, when she is drinking and crying on the couch, she confides in Frank and ends up sleeping with him. Frank has gotten himself into a weird situation where he is all at once the “son” and the “other man” (not entirely sure whether or not this counts as incest). Nevertheless, he has a place to stay so far.


She is actually treating her son like a human being and is taking care of her trailer when along comes a real estate agent, who informs Sammi that she is not allowed to live on the lot. She goes crying to her dad, Frank, who claims he bought her a new trailer with his insurance money (which doesn’t exist anymore). Sammi is overjoyed, but goes back to her trailer to find out it is being towed away. But her spirits are still high while she is under the impression she is getting a new trailer from Frank. But Debbie later informs her that this isn’t true, and Sammi is left seething with anger.


When she married her boyfriend, Gus, last episode, their wedding rings were makeshift rubber bands. She wakes up in Gus’s apartment to find that he has replaced the rubber band with a real wedding band, and to find him shooting a syringe in his arm. After making it clear that he is diabetic and is actually using insulin, the newlyweds share more unknown information about each other and agree to have a special announcement dinner with the Gallaghers to reveal their marriage. Fiona’s morning is off to a good start as she goes to work and finds out her work friend, Jackie, is going to court after her shift to finally get her daughter back from foster care (Jackie is a recovering drug addict). She excitedly tells Fiona about how she re-painted her daughter’s bedroom and baked her cookies. Although Jackie is still doubtful about being a good mother, Fiona assures her that she is (at least much better than Fiona’s parents).

Fiona happily ends her shift and is getting dinner ready when she gets a troubled call from Sean, who is worried because Jackie is not returning his calls. The two go to Jackie’s apartment and find out she has overdosed on heroin. They get her to the emergency room and are told she will be fine. But as Sean and Fiona wait outside of her hospital room, they discuss their concern over Jackie’s relapse. Sean reveals that he had a similar experience to Jackie’s and his five-year-old son actually ended up saving his life. The two are heartbroken over Jackie’s situation and stay the night at the hospital.

The next day, Gus visits Fiona at work and is understanding about why she missed the big dinner last night. Fiona confides in Gus and tells him that she is not only troubled by Jackie’s overdose, but also because she isn’t sure their marriage is a good idea. Gus admits the same but also says that as long as the two are happy, they can make their marriage work. The two hug it out and so far all is well.

Debbie and Carl

Debbie is now regularly going to the boxing gym in exchange for doing odd jobs around the gym. She gets more obsessive about building muscle and even asks Ian where she can get steroids.

Carl realizes that he sucks at being a drug dealer and tries to find other ways to make money. When Debbie hears that Carl is trying to make money from a dogfight, Debbie gets the idea to have a catfight. Carl sets it up for her, and Debbie wins money for beating up her nasty girlfriends (oh snap!) in front of the spectators.


After his fun trip to Miami, he’s back to working demolition again and is growing more terrified by the day. After witnessing a worker fall from the top of a dangerously high wall, Lip decides that he can’t take it anymore. Later on that day at the Alibi, he gets pressured into helping Mickey vandalize the new “hipster” coffee shop down the street, yet he can’t bring himself to go through with it. Granted, the vandalism involved destroying the (empty) place with machine guns instead of graffiti, but Lip wasn’t even able to fire one single shot. This results in Mickey more or less calling Lip a prick and leaving him behind when the cops come to chase them. Lip drops the gun at the scene but gets away (for now, it’s likely his DNA is going to be discovered) and decides he is better off at school than his neighborhood. He’s clearly growing out of his old neighborhood. He volunteers to cut his summer break short to return to school.

Ian and Mickey

The two are getting desperate for money, and Ian is back to stripping again. A pornographer at the club approaches Ian and pays him $600 to be in one of his pornos. Mickey finally cracks when he finds out Ian made a porno and demands that Ian pack his things. Ian seems to handle it well and claims to want to shower before he packs. But as Mickey is leaving the room, he hears the front door slam and finds that Ian has run away with baby Yevgeny (Mickey and Svetlana’s son).

Veronica and Kevin Last episode, V went out dancing and had an involuntary orgasm on the dance floor. Out of guilt and wanting to make things even, she gives, no, orders Kev to take a “hall pass” and cheat on her (he is only allowed a hand job, though). After an unsuccessful attempt to pick up a mom at the playground (making him look like a pedophile), he finds a woman at the bar who understands his predicament. He goes through with V’s orders but when he comes home to tell her that he “did the deed,” V is extremely hurt despite the fact that she knew it would be a bad idea.


V and Kev’s marriage strife goes still unresolved, and Frank goes out with a bang (as usual) as he runs away from Sammi, who had attacked him at David’s parents’ house. Lip packs and leaves for school again, and the cat’s out of the bag with Ian. Like, way the hell out of the bag, and Mickey is in deep shit because of it. Angela is back at Patsy’s Pies and she’s brought a friend. That friend just happens to be Jimmy. Or Steve, or whatever… DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!

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