Road Trip To Washington D.C.


I left North Carolina at 9:00 am yesterday. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, so it seemed like the perfect timing. I could leave after the morning rush hour and be there before the evening rush hour. Wishful thinking, right?

Before I left, I had a delicious slice of whole grain bread (Artizo) with blackberry jelly.


I set out on a beautiful day. The sun was shining, I had my audio book on (Saving Capitalism), and I was in my comfy road trip clothes. I’ll never understand how some people can wear jeans on a long road trip.

With every trip, there is always a story.

I was only 45 minutes into my drive and I decided to follow the left lane car pool. I was the last car in the row and I saw a motorcycle behind me with flashing lights…”oh, s***! I’m being pulled over”, so I got over and the trooper stopped behind me. I was only going seven over, but that is still speeding. As soon as the trooper hopped off his bike, a yellow corvette sped by us going at least 100 mph. The trooper hopped back on his bike as fast as a spider monkey, gave me a thumbs up, and sped off to grab the guy in the corvette. I was just left there on the side of the road in shock…I took it as a pre-roadtrip warning to drive the speed limit.


Road trips make me tired. I used to cave in and grab those horrible-for-you energy drinks at the gas stations. XYIENCE sent me some samples of their energy drinks at the perfect time because I could test them out on my road trip. They are vitamin-fortified with zero calories, natural colors, natural flavors and no sugar. I tried the blue pomegranate a couple hours in and it was really good. It had a very natural and smoothie flavor and didn’t have a icky aftertaste like most energy drinks. I’m keeping the other flavors for my trip back. It’s a great quick energy drink for road trips or days when you need a pick-me-up. I wouldn’t be able to drink this before a workout or I’d be running up the walls.


Around noon, I was starvin’ but I didn’t want to stop unless it was for gas. I brought a key lime pie Larabar for the drive and it did the trick.


If any of you follow me on snapchat (taralynnmcnitt) you probably saw all of my updates! I got to D.C. around 4:30pm and only experienced about two hours of traffic.


I met my brother and Karlee at their building. They made me a falafel wrap with tomato, lettuce, tzatziki, roasted red pepper hummus, and avocado. After I had dinner, I headed down to see Shaughna and Mike. I’ll be staying at their place for a couple weeks while they vacation in Hawaii (lucky ducks). They have the adorable golden doodle, Kona. You’ll get spoiled with tons of photos of him for the next couple of weeks. Mr. Grumples is staying with my parents and will love spending time with them before he goes back to apartment life.

Around seven, I needed to move my legs after sitting in the car all day. I didn’t want to go running because I was way too stiff and poorly hydrated. I decided to do a 45 minute walk at an incline and do light weights.

After the gym, I plopped in bed and watched Dancing With The Stars. This season is so great! I love the switch ups.


I woke up at 5:30 this morning to head over to Shaughna and Mikes. They left for Hawaii early this morning. After walking Kona around the neighborhood, I grabbed a banana and had half a bagel with my coffee.


Can you believe how big he has gotten since the last time he was on my blog?


He likes to make himself comfortable on your lap and I don’t mind. I love him.

PicMonkey Collage

He was full of kisses this morning.


He acts just like Grumples did at that age.


That nose <3


My friends over at Jojo’s Chocolate sent me on my trip with my favorite chocolate bark on the planet! I’m not kidding when I say it’s the “BEST” chocolate ever. It’s not bitter like most dark chocolate.

Not only is their chocolate delicious and filled with healthy nutrients, Jojo’s story is so amazing. She created this chocolate bark after being diagnosed with breast cancer and needing to make a healthy lifestyle change. When I first started my weight loss journey years ago, a piece of chocolate every night was also my secret to kicking the cravings. We have that in common. Jojo is cancer free and still inspiring others to kick their sugar cravings!


The bark is filled with my favorites:  70% dark chocolate, raw almonds, raw pistachios, dried cranberries, all natural NON-GMO, casein protein.

Just try ONE bite, and you’ll be hooked. I love that company and I love their product! I tried it for the first time years ago and it’s still my favorite bark out there.


Around noon, I headed over to Whole Foods to pick up some eats for the week. These are just quick fixes and some of my favorite products. I’m going to try my best to order the healthiest of options at restaurants and keep this trip fresh and healthy! I’m still running and working out and trying to better my heath.

I love having toast before a run so I bought whole wheat bread, peanut butter and jelly. Carrots, turkey, almonds, and hummus are great for snacking. I bought vegan burgers and veggie fries for quick lunches. I’m excited to go to the market in D.C. soon.


The tomato basil hummus was pretty good. It grows on you!


I had spiced apple Siggi’s yogurt with almonds, carrots, and hummus for lunch today. After lunch, I’ve been guzzling down water to hydrate myself for my run later. Kona and I have already gone on three little walks.


This is Ollie (OJ), the sweetest little kitty ever. I call him freckles because of his little nose spots.


Kona cuddled up to me this morning ?


This is going to be a great trip!

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