Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s are often (though not exclusively) used for work which means losing the data on them can be a real pain. I know I wouldn’t like to be explaining to my boss that I’d accidentally deleted an important message which lost us a client.

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NEW for 2013: The LALLPT SMS Retrieval Software!

The LALLPT retrieval tool is free to download and designed to retrieve deleted text messages and is fully compatible with many BlackBerry models.

The BlackBerry is the hardest type of phone to retrieve deleted text messages from. Our tool has some of the few working methods around and these are things nobody else currently offers (unless they’re charging an arm and a leg!) Luckily for you guys our tool is completely free to download!


Note: The more you use your phone before running the retrieval tool the higher the chance you lose your messages permanently. Try to use it as little as possible and even power the phone off for now if you can.

They’re among some of the more popular devices and while I never had a problem with a BlackBerry deleting messages on me I can say we have an exclusive, free and very easy method of restoring texts on a BlackBerry device.

We’re not sure if our method is limited on some devices but it has worked fine on everyone we’ve tried and we’ve had users tell us that it worked just fine. BlackBerry users certainly have it pretty easy when it comes to recovery compared to some of the other devices.

Please try and use your phone as little as possible but keep it on while you’re doing this. If you remove your battery or manage to overwrite that section of the devices cache you are going to make the process a lot harder for yourself. The faster you recover the messages, the more chance you have of getting them.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry: Technique 1

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry

The first thing to restore an SMS is a long shot but it’s worth checking because it is easy and takes a moment. Go to your BlackBerry inbox (on your phone) and press the menu button. Select ‘view folder’ and check if a copy of the message still remains in your incoming/outgoing SMS.

Don’t panic if it isn’t there, this is sometimes a bit of a long shot but worth checking.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry: Technique 2

For a more thorough search go to your BlackBerry inbox and press the menu button again. Select search (it should look like a magnifying-glass icon). Select messages and/or encrypted messages.

Enter the search terms which would relate to your missing messages. Names, keywords etc… words which would have been contained on the messages. Try the terms you can think of one at a time and try as many as you can think of. To run the search hit the menu button and select ‘search’.

Deleted messages should still show up in the search results and you can move them into a new folder.

If your cache has been cleared (by battery removal for example) or overwritten (by use since the message deletion) then the messages will no longer be available through the search.

Also note that each message has to be moved individually. No phone we tested this on had a bulk move feature. But even if you have to do it one by one, at least you get your messages back.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on BlackBerry: Technique 3

For the most part step 3 should restore your messages. If it doesn’t then you can look at restoring messages from the SIM card itself. Some phones won’t store any messages on the SIM and if they do they store a limited number.

Before you go down this route you should check to see if your phone actually stores messages on your SIM card. Some do and some don’t. Most will have the option but will not do so by default.

If it does then your deleted messages could still be stored on the card. When a message on a SIM card is deleted the information is not removed but the memory location for that SMS is marked ‘deleted’ so other texts can overwrite them. So disable texts being saved to your SIM to prevent the deleted messages being replaced with new ones

Unfortunately there is no easy way to recover messages from your SIM. There are tools which will read deleted messages such as this (which is free) but requires equipment to actually connect your SIM to your computer.

You might be able to talk to your local phone shop and see if they have a SIM reader. They might for unlocking purposes. If they do then you could talk to them about recovering your messages, they might charge a fee so it really depends on how badly you need them back.

There are also mobile phone forensic companies who specialize in recovering messages and they’ll have the right equipment but they’ll charge a fee and they might be harder to find available in your area.

There are fairly cheap alternatives like this which connects through USB and can read SIM messages stored there. But be sure to check your phone is actually storing messages on the SIM before going for something like this. It can’t do anything if your messages are not stored on the SIM.

Also if you do want to go that route I’d suggest you stop storing messages on your SIM until it arrives. You don’t want to buy it and get a bunch of texts while it’s in the post which overwrites the messages you want to restore.

Hopefully this helps you restore those BlackBerry texts. If these techniques didn’t work for you then make sure you download our complete how to retrieve deleted text messages pack.

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