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Viber Basics

In the following article you can read about Viber that was designed to improve everyday communication. With the help of Viber you will be able to communicate easily and effectively via the Internet. If you are interested in this solution, read the article and watch our video.

Viber is a mobile application that can provide free phone calls from your mobile phone. The application was based in Cyprus.

Viber application enables users to make calls, send text messages and photos for free worldwide. The phone calls and the messages are for free if the person you are calling or texting has the application as well.

Figure 1 – Viber Basics

Viber provides great features on mobile phones because it can be easily integrated into mobile telephones. It can be used for free and it runs on most of the smartphones, like iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone and also Blackberry. However, users of Windows Phone and Blackberry are not able to make free phone calls but are able to send text messages for free.

The application can work on 3G and Wi-Fi as well. The calls made with Viber are in HD quality and Viber also offers great voice quality.

First of all, you have to download the application to your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry). Although it is like Skype, you do not have to register or find your friends, because Viber uses your own phone number as an identifier. When the application starts you just have to type in your phone number instead of registering and making an account on Viber.

  • it is completely free to use
  • great sound quality
  • free from ads
  • simple usage : there is no need for registering, activating anything
  • works like a regular phone: Viber uses your phone number and address book, so you do not have to add your friends to your contact list

Ozeki Phone System XE provides a superb support for smartphones that can download the Viber application. The software can handle calls made with Viber and after downloading Ozeki Phone System XE you can enjoy all the possibilities it offers.

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