Midland Micro Mobile MXT 100 and X Talker Review

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This post will take a look at two new radios from Midland.  Midland radios are one of the few radios out there that are made right here in the USA! Based in Kansas City, MO which is not far from my home town Midland is one of those few electronic companies that are keeping jobs here at home! I always like supporting companies that support American jobs.  Not only that but they make some really awesome radios and these two radios are no exception.

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This pairing makes a really great combination with a ton of possible uses.  The Midland Micro Mobile MXT-100 is a great little radio to mount in an ATY or UTV or a car or truck to act as the main base station radio.  Then use the X Talker radios for person to person communication on the trail or for small team training operations, etc. Both work well with each other and the X Talkers will also work with other FRS / GMRS handheld walkie talkies too. Take a look at what Midland has to say about the Micro Mobile MXT below. You can also get more information on each here:

Micro Mobile MXT-100: http://bit.ly/MXT100

X Talker T75VP3: http://bit.ly/XTalker

 While small in size, the new MXT100 microMOBILE GMRS 2-Way Radio is big on innovation, making the radio highly functional, and built to perform for those who work and play outdoors.  Offering a full 5-watts of transmitting power, the radio includes an external mag-mount antenna for extended range and performance.  Plus, when cell service is not reliable, the radio works with all other Midland, and most other, GMRS 2-way radios.  This makes it a great base for hiking, camping, ATVing and more.

The radio has 15 high power GMRS channels and 142 privacy codes to block other conversations. It also has a channel scan in order to monitor activity as well as a silent operation mode.  Some other great features include: a high-grade microphone, an external speaker jack, a 12V car power adapter, and a high contrast LCD screen.  A powerful backlight in the LCD screen makes it easy to read, even in daylight.

The new MXT100 microMOBILE GMRS 2-Way Radio is packed with operating features you’ve come to expect from Midland GMRS Radios such as: a Monitor Mode, Auto-Squelch, Keypad Lock, Keystroke Tones and Digital Volume Controls.

No need to find a place to fit this radio, a mere 0.9 inches x 4.01 inches x 3.44 inches, it’s barely wider than a credit card.  Weighing in at just 6 ounces, the radio is a snap to mount featuring a detachable flip-frame bracket which allows for installation on or under the dash. Using quick release tabs, the mounting bracket allows for easy transfer of the radio from one activity to another.

Midland Micro Mobile MXT-100 & X Talker Review Video

Click here to watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q540vI66LCc

The MSRP of the MXT100 microMOBILE GMRS 2-Way Radio MSRP is $149.99, but it can be found for $129.99 on Amazon!

The MSRP of the Midland X Talker T75VP3 is $89.99, I couldn’t find a link for them on Amazon but it a very similar model is listed below.

Overall Impressions of the Midland Micro Mobile MXT-100 and the X Talker T75VP3 Walkie Talkie Radios

Overall I think these radios are very solid radios with tons of possible applications for preppers. These X-Talker hand held radios can be used for short range team communications. Their voice activated (VOX) options and the option of adding tactical head sets make these highly useful in that type of application.  The camouflage color also keep them low profile where color is concerned and they are a great option for hunting as well.  They are also good options for parents and children when hiking and camping or even if the parents want to go for a walk in the neighborhood in the evening after work. They also work well for car to car communications when two cars are convoying together.  The Micro Mobile MXT 100 is a great base station type radio that can be mounted to a vehicle or even mounted in an ammo can and paired with a slim jim antenna to get additional range out of it as well! All in all these are pretty sweet radios!

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