Microsoft shows off how Cortana launches apps

One of the most interesting features on Windows 10 is Cortana, the digital voice assistant that’s integrated into Microsoft’s new operating system.

While we already had an idea of what Cortana would be capable of when Microsoft demonstrated it on stage at a Windows 10 event in January, we now know a few more details.

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At Build 2015, Microsoft announced Cortana will be able to launch apps with natural language.

“We want Cortana to represent a single way for users on Windows to interact with all types of capabilities,” Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of operating systems group, said.


Cortana’s UI

Image: Microsoft

“Hey Cortana, start a chat with Terry Myerson on Viber,” Belfiore said in demo.

Cortana immediately launched the Viber messaging app and started an instant messaging chat with Myerson. Impressive.

But Cortana is also “a personal assistant that can get things done for you,” Belfiore added.

“Hey Cortana, tell Terry Myerson I’m running really late using Viber.” Cortana then proceeded to use voice commands to relay the message.

“Okay, message Myerson on Viber?” replied Cortana. After saying yes, Belfiore’s message was sent — all hands-free. It was very Siri-like.

In addition to integration in Windows 10, Cortana will also be a prominent feature in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new web browser.

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