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In short: my laptop went to sleep because it was on low battery and when I woke it up with it plugged in, I couldn’t control my volume, and then I realized my Audio Service had stopped working. I’ve searched through all the possible resolutions to this, including going into services.msc and restarting itself and its related services,

but here’s the status of it:

So I right-clicked it and wanted to Stop it or Restart it, but those options weren’t available. Additionally, when I went into its properties, here’s what I’m greeted with:

In short, I can’t do anything. I’ve also tried the following:

  • restarting my laptop
  • unplugging my wireless headphones, resetting it, and plugging it back in
  • turned the volume up/down to see if it would trigger the volume settings to work again
  • ran the troubleshoot for audio services (error: “one or more audio device isn’t running”)
  • checked related services in the Services panel and they were all running
  • opened the Sound tab, and it said I had “no audio devices are installed”

I have no clue why this is happening; it only happened today out of a whim. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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