Make Free WiFi Calls with Facebook’s Messenger App

Facebook messenger

There is a great news for all you Smartphone users! Facebook is now offering VoIP. With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp a month and a half ago, Facebook has announced another new update regarding its Facebook Messenger app. The feature included in the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app will definitely bring a smile on your face. The Messenger app is now giving its users the ability to make free phone calls over Wifi connections to other Facebook Messenger users. Yes, you heard it right! The feature is no longer limited to the UK, the US, and Canada on iOS and other selected countries on Android. It is for all Facebook Messenger users across the globe. However, the Window phone users cannot enjoy the benefit yet.

How to make a call?

There are circular buttons and mute and hide options for speakers, standard green and red targets to answer or end a call. However, users cannot set up conference calls through group messaging.

  • You can now create groups especially for the people you message the most. The new version will allow you to name the group, set group photos, and keep them all in one place.
  • You can also send a photo and message to someone who isn’t there in the conversation. All you need to do is just tap to forward it on.
  • You can create conversation shortcuts to get into any conversation right from your home screen.
  • Last but not the least: talk as long as you want with your near and dear ones, as calls are free over WiFi.

Not only the users make free calls, but calls via the app will benefit those who do not receive the strongest mobile service in their house or people who are continuously going over their data usage plan. Free calling is especially beneficial to users who communicate internationally because of the high calling rates. So, take utmost advantage of this new feature and make calls without any worries.

Good going, Facebook Team! Keep it up.

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