iPhone: Unable to Make Free Call With VIBER

A friend come over my house on the week and ask me to look into his iPhone why he couldn’t make Viber call any more as he was able to previously.

After a quick look I found out that there are many scenarios why Viber couldn’t make the call. So here I am going to share with you all the possible solutions you could try out to resolve your Viber issue.

1. If you are connecting a Wi-Fi and you get an error “An internet connection is required to place free Viber calls.  Check your connection and try again“, make sure that the firewall is not configured to block any Viber call. When you are in a college or at work using the Wi-Fi, then maybe there isn’t much you can do.

2. If your phone is connected to 3G and you can’t make the call, try to confirm with your network provider that they are not blocking the call. Some network provider don’t want you to call from Viber for the obvious reason.

3. Finally, the issue that my friend has was that his Viber software was out of date. So after I updated the software for him, he could start to make the call.

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