Install Viber in Wifi Only iPad

My brother bought a wifi only iPad and had asked me if we can install an application that can do free sms and calls. I was thinking of how to use those apps knowing that it needs a phone number to register before it can be used and the iPad wifi doesn’t have a SIM card. I tried to search an app that can do the trick and found out that the Viber app can actually be installed in wifi only iPad despite of some hurdles like the incompatibility warning message. The first obstacle that the Viber overcome is that you don’t need to have  a sim card number installed in your device, all you have to do is just use any of your current hand phone to register the code of the viber.

Below are the steps we have taken in installing successfully the Viber app in wifi only iPad, it follows the same normal installation only with some minor tweaks.

First, go to App Store and search for viber for ipad, the search results will not show any viber apps under the iPad tab, instead you select it under the iPhone apps and install it.

Once installed, open and launch the viber app icon from your iPad’s screen. A warning message will pop up telling that the application is incompatible, ignore it by clicking okay and continue.  It will then sync your contacts from your address book.

Click continue, it will then ask you to enter a phone number for your iPad to use. You can now use any current hand phone number that you would like to use. Press continue and wait for the 4 digit code from viber to be sent in the hand phone. When the sms is received, enter the code and click continue.

After a successful code validation, enter your name and your photo if you prefer to have one.

You can now start and enjoy to call or send messages to your friends using your wifi only iPad.

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