How to Update Viber Contact List


Viber is an app that has fast replaced all “traditional” MTC networks, erasing all borders around the world and giving everyone the luxury of making calls to family and friends near and far. And unlike its predecessors/competitors Tango and its friends, Viber is here to stay.

Contested to be an app of Israeli Ingenuity to gather info, Viber is used by millions around the world.

The major problem several people face with Viber however is updating the contact list. You can only call contacts that have Viber, and it is extremely annoying to receive calls from contacts that have Viber and find yourself unable to call back because according to your phone, “contact is not on Viber“.

What to do?


1) Delete the contact from your phone.

2) Add them again. (whether you use + or 00 is irrelevant)

3) Go to Viber app. Find the contacts page. Click menu – Update Contacts.


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