How To Turn Off Notifications On Viber

Hi friends ! what’s up ? Hope well. Welcome to our site and today you can learn about Viber. You can know from here How To Turn Off Notifications On Viber


Yes this is the common name of a social app. Already you know that most of our peoples using it. But most of them don’t know that how to use it. That’s why today I’m here to show you one of valuable trick about Viber. And of course that name is How To Turn Off Notifications On Viber.

This is one of the popular social app. In days busy days you don’t have much time to waste. There’s a certain time of the day that you want to make sure you don’t receive any notifications from Viber especially when you’re at work. That’s why we are here with this trick.

Once you turn it on you can concentrate on your work. Cause it’ll notify you when someone messaged you. So What are you thinking for ? Isn’t it a good idea ? Of course it is. So let’s know how can we Turn Off Notifications On Viber. Here are your tricks bellow.

Viber Tricks
  • Simply you need to go to your viber.
  • From the  main page of the app tap on the Navicon and choose Settings.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • Let’s turn on every notification related settings.
  • You can turn on Show message preview.
  • Contact Joined Viber.
  • New Message Popup and.
  • Light screen for messages.

You can do the same thing when you are busy with your work and don’t want to see your notifications. Just simply off these notifications. Now you can do your work without any irritations.

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