How to send group text messages on iPhone

Group SMS on iPhone

We all know how to send an SMS or iMessage to a group of friends: open up the Messages application and type in the name of the contacts you want to include in this group message. This is fine if you want to send a text message to just a handful of contacts, but what if you want to send a message to 25 contacts for example? Adding each of them could be a time consuming process.

As always, the App Store can provide a solution to this problem. Today, we will show you how to text message a group of contacts on iPhone, in a quick and efficient manner. To do so, we’ll be using an application called Connect, a free download in the App Store. There are other applications that can streamline your group messaging, which we will list at the bottom of this post, but we’ll be using Connect as it is a free alternative that works really well for what we want to accomplish.

Pre-requisites: before we get into how to send messages to a group, you will obviously have to have created groups of contacts first. We recently published a couple tutorials about this topic, in case you don’t know how to create contact groups:

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Note that the message will be sent as a Group MMS, even if recipients have iMessage enabled. This being said, you should make sure you have a mobile plan that allows for MMS messaging and find out whether your carrier may charge extra for sending MMS. If you are in the US, chances are there are no extra charge for this, but it’s always worth verifying.

How do you send group messages on iPhone?

1) Download Connect from the App Store, or another similar application (see below for a list), then launch the app and allow it to access your contacts.

2) In the list view, select the contact group you want to send a text message to.

3) Tap and hold your finger on the group name.

send text to group

4) You will be offered several options. Tap on the Message option.

send sms to group

5) All contacts in the group will be automatically checked. This means that by default, all contacts in this group are set to receive the group message. You may uncheck some contacts if you do not want some of them to be part of the group text. Tap OK in the upper right corner when done.

send group text iPhone

Note that if a contact has several phone numbers listed under him, the app will let you check which one to use by default, and it will remember what phone number to use in the future for sending group messages.

send group sms iPhone

6) A New Group MMS compose sheet will appear on your screen. Name of the contacts in your group will be automatically populated. All you have to do now is type your message and tap Send, as you would normally do.

how to send sms to group

7) If you want to add to this conversation after sending the initial message, you can go directly into the Messages app where your group message will be. Replies from your contacts will be added to this conversation and you will be able to text directly from there in the future.

group sms conversion on iPhone

Other group messaging apps you can try

  • Text 2 Group Pro
  • Group SMS! 3
  • Group SMS

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