How to send Gif image through Viber messenger.

If you are among those who have been using Viber as their main texting platform then you might have thought of sharing some cool Gif animations or images with your friends on Viber messenger, but each time you share one, it used to show up a single image for the receiver and the whole charm of the Gif image/ animation dies on the way and the bundle of motion pictures you want to show to your friends on Viber messenger.

Now there is a way for the Android users who use Viber as their only texting medium and they can send the Gif image files through Viber from their devices. All you have to do is follow these steps and make sure to send the right Gifs for the right person on your contact list.

There is a free app available on the Google Play Store with the name of “Animated Smileys Free“, If you are looking for animated smiles to work for you on the Viber then this application would do best in this regard as it shows up with a collection of some wonderful animated smiles that amuse your friend on the receiving side. You can download this application from the link given above if you are only interested in sending these animated smiles Or if you are looking to send GIFs pictures then you should follow these steps.

How to send GIF images through Viber:

All you have to do is follow these steps.

1- Download any GIF animation on your device, make sure that it saves with the *.gif extension.

2- Now move to your browser and go to these links or the

3- Upload your GIF animation file and convert it to Video format which ever you want it.

4- The most common video format to be used on smartphones is the *.mp4 format.

5- After converting the required GIF animation you can now download the converted *.mp4 of the same file and save it on your device.

6- Now you can easily send this video file to any contact on the Viber messaging list.

That’s it, Your moving pictures can now be sent to your contacts on Viber.

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