How to Recover Deleted Viber Messages on Android

Summary: With Android Data Recovery, you can easily recover deleted viber messages on your Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy,  HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, etc.

As a competitive alternative to WhatsApp, instant messaging service Viber has been favored by millions of people worldwide. A conversation with their loved ones would become meaningful memories to navigate the chat history. However, for one reason or another, the history of major chat are deleted by careless mistakes, such as deletion, formatting, ROM flashing Android, the operating system upgrade, factory reset, virus attacks, etc.

So, how you can recover deleted Viber messages on your phone and Android tablet?

Well, there’s a tool that deserves your attention. It is the Android Data Recovery . This software can recover Viber conversation (photos, videos, voice messages, text messages, etc) of Android devices.

Therefore, if Viber messages on your Android device are removed by incorrect operations as mentioned earlier, why not try this software to recover them? The following is a statement that tells you how to use this software to recover deleted Viber messages on the phone and Android tablet.

How to recover deleted Viber messages

1. Start Android Data Recovery 2. Connect the Android device to your computer 3. Enable USB debugging on your Android device 4. Press the “All” button to scan all data on your Android device

The program will automatically identify your Android device, once it is attached to the computer. After that, click “Start”. 5. Preview and recover deleted Viber messages on Android

recover deleted viber messages

When the program finishes scanning data on your Android device, the Viber messages found by the program will be shown on the scan result, so you can preview the details of the Viber conversation and decide what you want to recover, select and click “Recover”.

How to Create a backup of Viber messages on Android

Make a backup copy of the chat history Viber significant advance is the best way to prevent future loss. Meanwhile, it is not so difficult to make a backup of conversation Viber on your Android, just follow these steps.

1. Open Viber on your Android device 2. Place in the “More Options” in the lower right corner 3. Select Settings> Calls and messages> History emails

When the backup file is created, select the application through which you want to email and send it to you or any other email.

Warning: Send backup history is available only on Android and iPhone. Note that the backup file their Viber messages can not be recovered on your device. Still, you can easily navigate the contents of the backup.

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