How To Record Skype

These day’s numbers of users are using VoIP service applications on their smartphones to make international calls, and to be in contact with their loving ones on their smartphones. Skype is one of the top VoIP these days that have been uses by users on their iPhones and other vendor smartphones. While using VoIP services on their phones, users wanted some tools too on their phones to keep the record of their calls, by recording their whole conversation, and there comes the need for an application which could perform this task on iPhones. For those of you who wanted an application service on their phone, iPad that record their whole conversation, then this is a good news update for you because finally, we have an application with simplicity that records the whole conversation of Skype or any other VoiP application.

SkyRecorder is an application for iPhone users available in the App Store, and allow the users to record their whole VoIP calls on your iPhone with a simple launch of application on your device. The SkyRecorder doesn’t ends on the Skype call recording, as well as it provides you flexible support on all other same kind applications running on the iOS. It can easily record the whole voice conversation call of Viber, and other few VoIP services application calls Many professional users use VoIP call system to make their business calls around the world, and therefore, they also want and like some utility applications that allow them to record their calls.

SkyRecorder doesn’t come up with any limitation on an iPhone platform while recording your conversation on your device. You can record maximum amount of your conversations on your device; all the limitation of capacity is depended on your device memory. SkyRecorder also allows you to import or export any recorded conversation through your iPhone to computer. SkyRecorder is available in App Store with the price tag of $1.99; the most interesting fact of the application is it also works on iPad with 2x compatibility mode.

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