How to Monitor Viber Messages and Calls

Now it is time to disclose the Viber activity monitoring subject. I am going to enlist spyware able to pick up Viber messages sent/received and call logs. I should mention that Viber activity could be monitored is an app is installed on the target’s tablet/smartphone, not a PC.

What is Viber?

Viber application is designed to provide a free communication service. It is one of the branch leaders offering live chat services. It provides a toll-free text messaging service and offers a voice/video calling based on one’s number. The connection is usually through Wi-Fi or GPRS protocol. One’s ID is a phone number and the app’s contact base is usually synchronized with one’s own contact base. So the user can call anyone having the Internet connection at the moment for free.

Why You Should Care?

There is a full information on monitoring spyware in this website presented, and most of the programs available cover only SMS protocol monitoring (as well as call logs). Check out my spyware comparison chart to be sure. With Viber on a stage we face the fact that most of the data of interest is being hidden. So, one cannot control the large amount of important data. That’s why you should consider spy applications that cope with Viber activity monitoring issue.

What You Need

Consider that there is only a few number of applications able to monitor


Viber’s activity. Do not forget that only rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices are vulnerable to spyware. I am talking about iPhones and iPads – not Macs. Rooting and Jailbreaking means getting an access to restricted device area – follow the links to read more. In the next block I’ll provide you with the list of the proper spy software.

Viber Monitoring Software

There are two reliable services available at the moment – Flexispy and mSpy. The One more reliable manufacturer MobileSpy is preparing an update for Viber monitoring. They monitor jailbroken and rooted devices, and the Viber control module is available if you purchase an enhanced edition.

What is Reported?

● Call logs – not a record, but a call recipient’s number.


● Text messages are disclosed. This information is being reported online, which makes it convenient to monitor one’s social activity. You will be notificated about ongoing activities, and there is a dashboard developed in order to process an incoming data in a most convenient way. The only disadvantage is that the spyware cannot provide call recording.

Which is the Best?

The best choise is software!

To be sure I provided a brief test for and enhanced editions. Both of them are showing excellent performance. However, Flexispy was first to enforce the Viber monitoring, which means their chances to provide smooth performance were better. My point is that there is no reason to base a choice on a spyware considering only Viber monitoring module. Just a thought! Check out the other programs’ features in my recent advanced review. Compare the pricing, service and user-friendliness before making a purchase. You may also be interested in Skype and Whatsapp monitoring issues. And don’t forget to read my complete guide on smartphone spyware.

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