HOW TO MAKE LOW COST/CHEAPER INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL CALLS ? if you are seeking for this question here is an answer for this. I hope might have used Skype service (VOIP), Viberout service or Yalo to make low cost international calls from abroad. These services will be in low cost for making international calls but the Google Hangouts will be more cheaper than compared with all other  VOIP (Dont Know about VOIP check it out here  and how does VOIP work check it out here) calling features.

How to use GOOGLE HANGOUTS as international calling services:

Download Google Dialer for mobiles or Google Hangouts for Desktop. For mobile you need dialer and hangouts for desktop.

Purchase credit from your VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX,  & DISCOVER cards or GOOGLE WALLET on Google voice link by choosing the currency type and the tax may appear in case of euro, it is already been mention in the site “Please note: If your billing address is within the EU, you will be charged the applicable VAT rate for your country on top of the purchased calling credit amount – for example, if you order £10 of calling credit and the VAT rate for your country is 19%, you will be charged £11.90″.


Purchase the value and use the calls from hangouts on windows and dialer on mobiles. For the rest of 2014, the first minute of most calls to 25 countries are free, and you’ll be charged for each minute after. Calls where the first minute are free will say, “First minute free” on the call screen. If you don’t see this message, you’ll be charged for the first minute. For US and CANADA is free with some terms and conditions check website before buying credit.


I said it is more cheaper than any other VOIP apps because here is the comparison between skype and Google hangouts if you want to make a call to INDIA. Lets take an example if i buy 800 minutes in skype with 10 Euro (11.80 US dollars)  if calculate 1180 cents divided by 800 minutes we will be getting 1.475 cents per minutes (1180/800 = 1.475 Cents/Min). But in Google Hangout first minute is free for INDIA and all upcoming each minute is been calculated by 1 Cent/Min For an example check the image below “History of my calling list”.

google hangouts to cheap in low cost across india calling features

First minute is free so, 1 minute is been reduced from the call duration for remaining minutes the amount is been charged 1 cent/ Min. So for 5 mins 4 cents is been charged. The one note to keep in mind is the you can only recharge for 10 US dollars not less or more and can refund it again to your Account and one special thing is, it doesn’t have any expiration date. For Hangout rate click here find the rate for your country.

To know more about how to use GOOGLE DIALER check for the video below. Thanks for The Tech Sphere for sharing this video. The next will be of ways to make international calls from Google hangouts(gmail method, hangouts and dialer ). Stay tuned in our site to now better in technology and its updates

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