How to Make Calls Using Viber Out?

The Viber free calling app is well known for its heroics in the VoIP world as well as instant messaging services.

Viber was launched in 2010, and it was meant to serve iOS, users. However, things later changed as Android users also got a nod. Today, this app can be used in a variety of platforms that include tablets, PCs, and phones. These devices can be installed with Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Mac as well as Windows OS.

Viber is free to download and use

The good thing about these many instant messaging apps is that they are available for free. Furthermore, using these apps only requires an internet connection on your phone, tablet or PC. This means that to download and use Viber on your phone, you need to have an internet connection. Using Viber to make calls, unlike normal phone calls, does not directly consume your airtime. Instead, it makes use of your carrier’s charges with respect to Internet subscriptions. To avoid this, it is better to subscribe to an unlimited data pack from your carrier, which are normally available at reasonable prices.

Make affordable calls with Viber Out

How to purchase Viber credits

After you are sure of the plan you want, go ahead and buy the Viber credits. You are now good to dial any landline or mobile phone number by heading to the app’s keypad. The Viber website lists the rates charged for making domestic and international calls.

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