How To Install Viber++ App On iOS 11 and iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Do you use Viber app to connect with your friends? Are you satisfied with current Viber features? We can help you to get more awesome features to your Viber app. Today we will guide you to download and install Viber++ iPA app to your iOS 11 and iOS 10 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And other good thing is, this does not required jailbreak.

As we all know, Viber is a free call and message application through internet. All of your contact list are automatically synced with Viber app.You can start chat or call by tap on viber contacts. There are more stickers available to make chat conversation easier. As well as, you can share, music, videos,photos and more through Viber.


You may be confused, Original Viber app is available in Apple Appstore and why we need iPA file to install Viber? let me explain, Viber++ is also same app, but it included with more advanced features. Previously this Viber++ version available only for jailbroken devices. But now non jialbroken iOS devices also can get install with the helps of cydia impactor. Viber++ Offer full feature experience for users. Let see what are the features of this Viber++ iPA app.

What are the Viber++ Features

Privacy Enhancements

  • Last online Toggle – Viber++ allow you too toggle online/ offline anytime. You don’t want to stay 24 hours like default app.
  • Disable Delivery Receipts – Do not let people you chat with know that their message has been delivered to you.
  • Disable Typing feature -You can disable show you are typing.
  • Disable Location Services – Disable the Viber ability to know where you are located and limit Viber from sending it to your contacts
  • Disable chat receipts- Do not let people you chat with know that you’ve seen/read their messages

Usage Enhancements.

  • Disable Hold to Record – Viber ++ allows you turn on voice recording without having to hold down the record button
  • Unlimited Group Contacts – Able to create unlimited group chats.
  • Enabled call alert – Enable call alerts for Viber
  • Able to send unlimited attachment- You can send any numbers of attahcment without limit.
  • Moved all settings into Viber app, not the system settings

Security Settings

  • You can enable to add passcode to Viber++ from start up.

Notification Options

  • Hide Bar Icon Badge – Disable the red notification badges in Viber
  • Able to hide Chat badges – Disable the red notification badges for chats in Viber
  • Hide Sticker Badges – Disable the red notification badges for stickers in Viber
viber app

How To Install Viber++ App On iOS 11 and iOS 10 Without Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad

Remove your Viber app which you downloaded from Apple app store.

Step 1: First of all you need to download Viber++ iPA to your computer.You can download Viber++ iPA from here

Step 2: Now you have downloaded Viber++ iPA file to your Computer. Now you need to sideload iPA file to your iOS device. We have two method to do it with Mac OS and windows computer. Follow below both guideline and use one way to do it.

  • Sideload iOS Apps Without Jailbreak Using Xcode 7 To iPhone and iPad
  • Sideload iOS Apps On Windows, Mac With Cydia Impactor Without Jailbreak

Step 3: Hope you done with sideloaded viber++ app, You can see Viber++ app on your iOS device Home screen, But you cannot Run it. Because you have one more step to do.

Step 4: Navigate Setting > General > Profile & Device Management. On some iOS versions, this option might be available at General > Profile(s) & Device Management or General > Device Management.

Step 5: Locate the profile that belongs to the Viber++ installation. Tap on it and tap Trust and then Trust again.

Now you are done, You can launch viber++ iPA app. With the profile trusted, you will now be able to interact with the modified viber experience.


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