How-To Get Viber Working On BlackBerry 10


We will be explaining how to get Viber working on your BlackBerry 10 devices (for those who can’t wait for official app). With the guide published yesterday, how to run most Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry 10 devices this method has been confirmed to work for Viber.

This is an Android ported app, most Viber features are working but not all. To get Viber on your BlackBerry 10 device: Note: If you are running OS 10.2.1 or above we suggest you follow this guide for Android apps.

  • Have BlackBerry 10.1 or BlackBerry 10.2 installed (preferrably 10.1, OS is not crippled)
  • Download a Viber apk file (here is the one I used)
  • Use simplified how-to install/run Android 2.3.3 apps on BlackBerry 10. – Guide.

That’s it! The key to having Viber on BlackBerry 10 via this method is use the simplified guide.

While most features are working, a few that are not are:

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