How To Fix Viber is Denied to Read Contacts Issue

Viber is denied to read contacts is an issue that happens to every Android user. It is caused by disabling permission to read contacts. Sometimes it is caused when you make a factory reset, but in most of the tmes it is disabled by default.

Viber popularity is growing up day by day. It a very useful app which allow you not only to send messages but also to make a call through internet, without spending your credit. You don’t need to spend lot of money anymore to talk with your lovers around the world. If you have a smartphone and a internet connection, calling is so easy thanks to Viber.

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Like all other devices, even Viber has its own issues. The biggest one that Viber users have reported is a pop-up saying ‘Viber is Denied to Read Contact’. This is annoying to much Viber users. It is useless if you can’t access your Conatcts. It give you the possibility to register a new contact but it can’t read contacts that are already registered.


This is an issue that like all other issues has the solution. The only problem is with permissions. Viber is not allowed to read contacts. To fix this you have to give Viber the right permission to access contact. If this problem has annoying you, follow the simple guide below and give Viber the right permission to read contacts.

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Take your phone in your hands and go to Settings -> Security -> Permissions and manage permission. Find Viber application and make sure that is allowed to read contacts.

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