How To Download Viber for Symbian?

If you own a Nokia device, Viber for Symbian is a must have app. What makes Viber an imperative app for symbian? Check out why…

What is Viber?

Viber is the latest instant messaging app that offers free messaging between you and your friends. Viber automatically syncs with your phone and searches for your friends, who already use Viber. Viber doesn’t follow any old custom like importing contacts or sending invitations. With Viber you can find and select a contact and can start communicating right away, painlessly. By now, millions of people have started to use Viber and they enjoy it by making calls, texting and by sending photos worldwide for free. The calls made using Viber are of HD quality and has a better sound quality than the regular carrier networks. Viber is a free network and so does not accepts advertisements.

Viber can be used to contact your friends on any platform along with features like sending texts and photos, sharing locations, and participating in group messages with up to 40 users. Like said above, Viber is 100% free and all the basic features are completely free. With Viber you can save the cost of phone calls and messages to a large extant. The only thing that you will need to have is an internet connection.

viber for symbian

Download and Install Viber for Symbian

  • You can download Viber for Symbian free from the Nokia Store.
  • Once you download the app, run Viber and tap the Continue button on the welcome screen.
  •  Now you will receive a pop up notification saying Allow access to the address book and you can click the Ok or Allow button to continue.
  • After this, you need to choose your country and enter your phone number along with the cell prefix. Once done hit the Continue button again.
  • Wait for a minute and you will receive an access code by SMS and the registration process continues automatically. If not, enter the code manually in the setup and hit the Enter button.

That’s it you have activated Viber on your Symbian and can start finding your friends and messaging.

As we have seen earlier, Viber works with almost all devices including devices running on Android OS 2.0 and above, iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS with iOS 4.3 and above, Blackberry OS5 and OS7, Windows Phones 7 and 8. Your phone number is used as the identity and you can find your friends using their phone numbers. Unlike the other apps, Viber will make use of your address book to automatically tag your friends who use Viber in their phone. You can also call your friends who don’t use Viber but will be registered as a regular call and will be charged as per your plan. Moreover, Viber can be used internationally and so doesn’t matter where you and your friends are unless you’ve a reliable internet plan.

By now many of them have started using Viber and users are giving a good review about the app. But Viber has a lot of great competition like the WeChat and WhatsApp. But the fact is, every app has its own unique features so let’s see how Viber is going to overcome the competition. Check out yourself by installing Viber for your Symbian (Nokia device).

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