How to Develop Messaging App like Viber or WhatsApp

COULD PEOPLE LIVING IN THE 20TH CENTURY imagine that in the future they will write electronic letters? Humanity has still required several decades to get rid of dealing with postal services. Today we’re able to create messages and send them in just a few seconds. We’re provided with a fast Internet and a large number of messaging applications that compete with each other on the market. On average, people send out over 14 letters a day via messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp.

The History of the Chat Apps

First off, it should be noted that Viber and WhatsApp are instant chat applications. This software allows us to communicate with each other in real-time.

In 1960 it was used as a notification system while in combination with different types of equipment. For example, with a printer or, if you know, a pager.

The next great step forward was the creation of AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ in 1990.

What about the mobile world? The situation changed drastically when we saw the first smartphones with a feature including text messages. It was a genuine messaging boom! 

So, this time we want to talk with you about the mobile chat app development.

The History of the Chat Apps

Basic features of the Messaging Apps

  1. User login

In WhatsApp for example, if the user wants to log in, he should enter his phone number, then verify it by means of the message from the app. Such process speeds up the beginning of the work. After that,  the user is encouraged to import contacts from his address book. But wait;, there’s also a negative side. The user is restricted to one and only mobile gadget and he can’t check an account without a phone.  Also, all users see your phone number. For many users, this is a big problem because not everybody wants to show their number.

In this case, you need to try to find out what is more suitable for your target audience.

When creating the chat application for Android and IOS, don’t forget about private and group chats. People need to feel safe on the Internet. Let’s consider the following functions:

  • Encrypted messages. It helps to protect private information while on the web.
  • Secret chats with self-destructing messages. These messages can disappear automatically after a set period of time.

       2. Calls

The users don’t need to worry about expensive mobile phone plans if they have phone functions in an app like Viber. This application uses the Internet (WiFi or mobile Internet) and allows users to keep in touch with each other or their friends.

Additional functions:

  • Video chats
  • Group calls

You can also introduce other varied functions which will be useful and interesting for users.

       3. Synchronization

Cloud services in messengers allow users to store different files, photos, and chat history all in one place apart from a smartphone. What exactly does this mean?

It means that users with multiple devices and a single account can access messaging information at any time. Also, if a person lost his mobile phone, a chat app is deleted.  Cloud services give your users safety in an application.

       4. Geolocation

By means of this function, users can show their location or just send it with a message. This opportunity helps an application become a more complex product with all the different features. Thus, the user can easily share data about the cool places with friends and express his impressions of it. 

       5. Push Messages and Notification

These two elements are necessary for keeping your users and their activity within the app. There is one important rule – give users the ability to customize the notifications they’d like to receive. Also, it’s a good opportunity to notify your users about some novelties and updates regarding the application.

       6. File Transmission

You need to take into account that your users, apart from emojis and texts, would love to share other types of multimedia, for example, photos, stickers, gifs and so on. Sometimes with the help of the one pic, you can say so much more. Stickers are also a good method. Especially, for monetization of the app. You can create a special small store where the users will be able to purchase all these funny things.

       7. UI/UX Design

Don`t forget about the mobile app design! The majority of users choose the application based on its appearance. Thus, try to make it as attractive and user-friendly as possible.

Basic features of the Messaging Apps

The Main Technology Stack

  • Ejabberd XMPP server. This server is used for processing hundreds of thousands of messages instantly with little to no delay. Moreover, it pairs perfectly with the Erlang programming language. This language is flexible and helps to quickly correct bugs without refactoring.
  • YAWS. It’s a high-performance web server developed for high-load apps with dynamic content.
  • Cassandra. Cassandra is the best choice for creating a chat app because you can scale it at short notice to any extent.
  • XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). It helps transfer all users’ messages. The benefit of this technology is that it supports multi-user chat conversations.
  • MySQL databases.

Keep in Touch!

People received a great opportunity to be at several places at the same time and to traverse borders with just one smartphone. Perhaps in the past, it would look strange, but today people want to use new technologies and enjoy interesting functions.

The first chat applications appeared in the period of the revival of the first smartphones, and since that moment the audience has grown in size and complexity. Today, not just young people need the constant messaging, but the business world does too. Having such messaging means sales and marketing specialists are able to communicate with clients and easily resolve their problems.

However, the files exchange different formats, calls, a high level of security, and other features of very high importance. You have to create something truly unique to engage users. The messaging applications are far superior to simple text applications, so don’t be afraid to implement something innovative to get ahead of the competitors.

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