How to Check Your SSS Contributions Online

Want to check your SSS contributions online? Here’s an easy process you can follow.

Keeping track of your SSS contributions is a priority. Why?

My friend’s father who started working when he was 26 has an SSS account. The company he worked for included SSS contribution as one of the benefits. Kampante siya, he never checked once if the company was contributing or not.

Now, my friend’s father is 50, and he just found out that his SSS contribution is 50 months pa lang! It turns out that the past company he worked for never contributed to his account. Tragic, don’t you think?

With the presence of a working SSS website, though, you can check your SSS contributions online without any hassle. You don’t need to go to the branch anymore!

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the official SSS website and register for a Member account.

check sss contribution online 2

Once you’ve clicked the “Click here” to register as a member, you need to fill out pertinent information, so you need your SSS number.

2. Fill out the “Online Member User ID Registration” Form

check sss contribution online

Don’t forget to click submit, though.

3. You’re not done yet! Check your email from SSS.

check sss contribution online

From this email, you need to click on the link that they sent you.

4. Continue your SSS registration.

Upon clicking, you still need to complete your registration.

check sss contribution online 2
check sss contribution online

5. Submit your information and wait for the email validation.

Once you’ve received an email validation from SSS, you can use the information there to finally log in your SSS account.

After registration, you can finally log in and check your SSS contributions online.

First, log in.

And then go click on E-Services and then Inquiry. 

After clicking on this, you can click on Actual Premiums so you can now check your monthly SSS contributions online!

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