How to change chat background in Telegram Messenger App

Telegram messenger app is gaining popularity. This application is being considered better than Whatsapp in terms of feature it provides. Though it is an open source however it is even more secure and faster than other IM apps (and it has an option for secret chat as well). If you have been using other instant messenger applications like Whatsapp or WeChat and you are fed up with the old apps then you can try out Telegram messenger. If you have not yet downloaded and installed the app, then read this article to know more about Telegram.

Default Background in Chat – Telegram Messenger

Default background in Telegram

Clearly the above background is quite dull and boring. Basically the default background is nothing but a very simple image with some dull images in the background. I would definitely want to change it to something bright which gives me good feel to continue chatting.

Changing Chat Background

First Step: Simply click the dots at the top right corner and then Select “Settings”. This will open up the settings page where you will see some option to change background image.

Select settings menu telegram

Step2 : Select “Chat Background”. This will actually open the gallery where you will be able to select the image which you want as your background.

Select chat background

Select Background from Camera or Gallery

To select from gallery or click a new photo, select the first image. This will open up option for gallery/camera.

Select from gallery for telegram

Select from default images

Default images for chat background in telegram

Chat Background Changed

Change chat background in telegram

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