How to block user/contact in Telegram App

Whatsapp messenger is not the only application whose customer base is growing. Infact people are looking for alternatives and a better messaging application. What’s being termed as the number one choice for Whatsapp alternative is Telegram messaging app. People from various parts of world (specially in Europe and India) are now trying this new app named “Telegram“. The mains reasons are it is open source, accessible from multiple devices, more secure, allows to share large files and offers more than 200 people in group chat. In short Telegram Messenger is getting popular.

What you can do is “Block a contact or a user on Telegram“. This article will demonstrate this!

  • Blocked contact won’t be able to send message to you

What if you blocked someone accidentally and now want to unblock them. This article also covers how you can check complete list of blocked contacts and unblock a particular user.

Blocking a contact

Step1: Say you are chatting with a friend. Click the contact icon (profile image) at top right corner.

Telegram Block User 1

Step2: Now in the contact info, again click the settings dots button at top right. Click Block!

Telegram Block User 2

Unblocking a contact

Step1 : Checking list of blocked user > Go to settings by clicking top right in main screen of telegram

Telegram Block User 3

Step2: In settings select “Blocked Users”.

Telegram List of Blocked Users

Step3: This lists all blocked users. To unblock “Tap and hold” and then click Unblock.

Telegram How to unblock user
Telegram unblock a user

Alternate Way -: Block any contact on Telegram Messenger for Android/iPhone

To block more people (alternative way). Click the “+” button at top right in blocked people list. Contact list will open up > Add the contact you want to block.

Telegram block a user from contacts


Telegram select a contact to block

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