How To Backup, Restore And Transfer Viber Messages On Any Android

Viber popularity is growing up day by day. It is an awesome application to chat with your lovely friends. A strong point of Viber is that it allows you to make also calls, but we are not going to talk about that. I am writing this post to help all you my readers to easy backup and restore Viber messages on any Android device.

After creating a backup of your Viber messages you can also transfer them on another device. Since there is no possibility to use the same phone number in two different devices, the only way is to backup messages and then restore then on the other device. Messages are an important part and sometimes it is needed to see the old messages in order to give the correct response.

Viber doesn’t offer any way to backup your conversation so for that reason you need to use a third party app. Personally one of my favourite apps to backup not only Viber messages but also all your system files, app settings and more is Titanium Backup. It is probably the best app you can use to backup only one single app settings, in our case we need to backup Viber messages.

backup and transfer messages on viber

Unfortunately Titanium Backup will work only in rooted devices. So in order to use it you have to root your phone. But Remember rooting your device will void your warranty and if you experience any problem with your device where it likely need to be sent to supplier for professional service. So if you haven’t rooted your phone yet and you don’t have much information about root, I suggest you to make a little search and then if you decide to root your phone, come back here and learn how to backup specific apps, in this case to backup viber messages and restore then on any other Android device.

A good reason to use TItanium Backup is that it allows you to backup the application with all the data, so you don’t have to install it again from the market at from other links. The Titanium allows you to install the application along with the data restored. That’s a strong point why you have to use Titanium to backup all the important data of your favourite apps.

To backup Viber messages and then restore them in any other Android device firstly you have to root your phone and then install Titanium Backup on your device. Once installed the app, open it and find Viber on the application list. If you are using the app for the first time, I mean if settings and preferences are untouched then you are backing up the application with all the data. So backup your private Viber message and then you can easily transfer to another Android device.

Once you backup the application, in our case Viber and its messages, the history for that message will be shown and you can easily restore the backup by navigating to the interested application. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy the backup folder is created inside the internal memory of the device. Find the backup folder and move it to PC and later move it to another device you want to have Viber messages. In most of cases the backup folder is named “Titanium Backup Folder” and all the application and data are stored there.

Simply put the specific application or all the backed up apps inside the Titanium Backup Folder on the other device. Then navigate to Titanium Backup and with simply one click you can restore all the app and its data. If you do everything carefully and if you have a roots device you can easily backup and transfer Viber messages on any Android device.

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