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If you are having an Android mobile then you must already be familiar with this application named “Google Hangouts”. On some mobile it comes with a default name of “Google Talk” whose latest and updated version is known as Hangouts.

Good thing is that you can use Google Hangout on your Android mobile and your friend may be currently using it on his computer – you guys can still text/voice/video chat with each other for free. All it requires is internet connection in your mobile (and offcourse front facing camera for video calls). You can read the full review and list of Google Hangout Features in this post.

In this article I will give you an overview of Google Hangout App for your android mobile and show you how you can make video calls, as well as Group chat or Group Video Calls (popularly known as Group Hangout).

Google Hangout on Android Overview

  • Start the application by clicking on the Google Hangout icon.
  • It lists your current messages and already ongoing chats or hangouts
  • Click on + to start another chat
Google Hangout App Starting

Selecting a contact for call

  • Search for a contact
  • The ones which have green colored icon in front of the name are the ones available for chat (online contacts)
  • Select any contact
Starting a Call with Google Hangout

Making Video Call

Google Hangout Video Calls

Starting a Group Video Call

Hangout Group Video Calls

Google Hangout Settings – Set your mood (status)

Set Mood in Google Hangout
Google Hangout Settings and Account Profile

Steps for Video Call (or Google Hangout)

  1. Touch compose icon at the top right of your Hangouts list.
  2. Select a contact for your Hangout by typing the person’s name, email address, or phone number in the search box. You can also select one of your contacts from the lists below the search box.
  3. Type your message and touch the  Send icon.
  4. You also can make a video call to that person by touching the  video call icon.

 Steps for Group Video Calls (or Group Hangouts)

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