Here is how you can easily instantly delete all Gmail unread messages or promo messages instantly.

Gmail delete all unread messages

In the top search bar, type is:unread to see all unread messages or just type promo and that will show you all messages containing word promo or all messages that are unread if you typed is:unread, You can also delete Facebook “You have pending notifications” messages by typing “pending notifications” in search bar.

Next, Click the down arrow in the “select” button, then choose “all.”  This will only select all messages in the page you are currently on.  To select all messages it found, you need to make sure to click “Select all conversations that match this search.”  You then need to click trash icon and you will get a message “This action will affect all select conversations, are you sure you want to delete?” click yes then you are finished.

Gmail mass delete all unread or promo messages

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