Free Voice Calls Apps for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

Huge number of people are using SmartPhones these days (talking about those Android, iPhone and Windows), but that does not mean that Nokia Symbian has lost its charm. A good number of people still use Symbian mobiles and some are still buying those Nokia Asha mobiles (which are based on Symbian OS).

Do you know that even if you have a symbian based mobile phone and able to use high speed internet on your mobile, then you can actually connect with your friends and family for free. You do not have to spend any money on your telecom bills, all thanks to mobile voip and communications apps. You just need to install mobile voip apps on your symbian phones and you can text/voice/video chat with your friends for free.

In order to make these free phone calls, you need a smartphone, voip application, high speed internet on your Nokia mobile (wifi or 3G). Please note that if you use 3G, then you are consuming data plan of your telecom operator. The bandwidth consumed is pretty less for these phone calls, so effectively the call cost is zero (free calls).

This article contains a list of voip applications which you need to install on your Nokia Symbian phone (which allows free voice calls from mobile). But first a few general things which you should know.


  • Install Mobile Voip Application Nokia Symbian : Install the below listed symbian application on your mobile phone. Install the app and create an account with the voip provider. You can use these apps to make free calls from Nokia symbian to android/iPhone/Blackberry/Windows etc.  
  • Talk/Text for free: Almost all the apps listed below allows you to voice call for free, with the friends who are also using the same app. You and your friend need to be online and connected to internet when you want to make the call
  • Free/Cheap International calls: Many of these apps allows you to make either free or cheap calls to normal landline/mobile phones, to the people who are not using any smartphone or mobile voip apps.


App Review Link: App Download Link: Nimbuzz is available for all the mobile platforms and computer. It works pretty good on Nokia Symbian phones. Best part is that a lot of people already use this app you will find many of your friends in Nimbuzz. That means you can actually call a lot of your friends for free. Nimbuzz Messenger even lets you chat with your buddies on Facebook, Gtalk 24×7 for free. It also allows group chat, chat rooms, HD voice calls and lot of other features.


App Review Link: Download Link: Only offers Text Messaging – Voice Calling is not available as of now. Viber is one of the most used voip application available for all mobile platforms (android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows, Bada) and even for computers as well. That means if you start using this app and assuming your friend is also using the same Viber app on his device, then you two can text to each other for free.

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