Free Phone Calls Apps for Blackberry Mobiles and Playbook

There was a time when Blackberry used to be the most popular phone. Most of its userbase was high profile people, the corporate ones. All the blackberry guys used to enjoy internet on mobile and the super popular instant messaging client “Blackberry Messenger”.

Turns out that Blackberry has completely its charm now with Android and iPhone getting popular. Though blackberry is trying pretty hard to come back to market by offering new mobile operating system, new handsets however the number of Blackberry users is still decreasing. A lot less people use Blackberry these days.

However that said, Blackberry users also want to make free calls, free text/voice/video chat with their friends. Thanks to Voip and mobile communication apps, you can actually make free voice calls from your blackberry mobile phone.

There are a few applications available for Blackberry OS, which allow you to make free calls to other people using the same app (be it on any device – mobile or even computer). These apps work on high internet (wifi or 3G). The bandwidth consumed is pretty less for these phone calls, so effectively the call cost is zero (free calls).

In this article we have compiled list of voip applications for your Blackberry Mobile which allow you to make free phone calls. First a few things you should be aware of.


  • Mobile Voip App for Blackberry : There are a few mobile voip apps for BB OS. Just install the application, create an account, find friends and you will be instantly calling them for free. Thus Make free calls from Blackberry mobiles to Nokia/Android/iPhone/Blackberry/Windows etc.  
  • Talk/Text for free: Almost all the apps listed below allows you to voice call for free, with the friends who are also using the same app. You and your friend need to be online and connected to internet when you want to make the call
  • Free/Cheap International calls: Many of these apps allows you to make either free or cheap calls to normal landline/mobile phones, to the people who are not using any smartphone or mobile voip apps.


App Review Link: App Download Link: Nimbuzz is available for all the mobile platforms and computer. This app is available for Blackberry OS 4.5 and above. One of the most widely used instant messaging client, this app works pretty good on all the mobile platforms. That means you can actually call a lot of your friends for free who are using Nimbuzz on mobile or computer. This messenger even lets you chat with your buddies on Facebook, Gtalk 24×7 for free. It also allows group chat, chat rooms, HD voice calls and lot of other features.


App Review Link: Download Link: Yuilop is available for almost all mobile platforms be is iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile. Not only it offers free calls, chat and text messaging to other Yuilop messenger but it also offers free calls to any phone in the world (even to the people who are not using Yuilop). All you need is Yuilop credit (you can earn those) and use this credit to call any phone in world. Supported on Blackberry 5.0.0 or higher


App Review Link: Download Link: Viber is one of the most used voip application available for all mobile platforms (android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows, Bada) and even for computers as well. That means if you start using this app and assuming your friend is also using the same Viber app on his device, then you two can talk to each other for free. There is no restriction on call duration. Viber has gained a huge popularity and you will find that almost all your friends and family are already using this app. Its a must try.

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